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CA at the dentist

First Dental Visit

Preparing your child for their first dental visit starts long before they ever sit in one of our chairs. We recommend that you ask one of our hygienists about how to help your child learn to care for their own teeth during your pregnancy. When your child is old enough to accompany you to one of your appointments, we invite you to bring your child with you to your dental cleaning appointment so that they can see what goes on and they can have a healthy appreciation for what our hygienists do to help them keep their teeth clean and strong.

We offer a fun visit for our young patients at the age of about two years old to allow them to see our equipment and allow us to do a quick dental assessment. We will count their teeth and see if they are ready to allow us the privilege of professionally cleaning their teeth for the first time.

Waterlase - Child with toothache


No one wants their child to have cavities....BUT if they do, we have the perfect way to attack those tooth bugs with our WaterLase Laser. We want your child's dental experience to be as pleasant as possible and our patients both young and old love the ability to have dental work done without the shots and drill.

Waterlase logo of a tooth - no shot, no drill, no fear Learn more about WaterLase Dentistry