No Insurance? No Problem!

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Save on Dentistry. Without Insurance.

Our Habersham Dental Advantage Plan is our way of saying thank you to our loyal family of patients who have chosen our Habersham County Dental office for their dental care. The Habersham Dental Advantage Plan is designed specifically to provide our patients without dental insurance an affordable solution for the whole family. We created this in-house dental plan to make preventive care and dental treatment more economical and accessible for patients who value the dental care we provide and who are dedicated to getting healthy and staying healthy.

To show our appreciation, we provide a discount plan to help our devoted and conscientious patients save money and receive the dental care they need to have a healthy smile. For the sustainability of our program, this rewards plan is offered by invitation to patients who respect the expertise and time of our dental team. We welcome patients who have demonstrated that they want to take an active role in maintaining their dental health by keeping recommended preventive dental appointments and following prevention and treatment recommendations made by our dental professionals.

Simply pay one low annual membership fee, make and keep your recommended dental appointments, and you will receive a discount on your dental work, as well as free dental exams, unlimited necessary x-rays, and two professional dental cleanings.

Membership Advantages

No Insurance. No Problem!

    • No deductibles
    • No waiting periods
    • No annual maximums
    • No pre-existing condition clauses