Comfort and Convenience

Dental Services and Technology

At Cornelia Dental we believe in investing in technology to better serve our patients. Dental technology has improved the quality of care dentists can offer by allowing us to provide comfort and convenience to our family of patients.

Isolite Technology

Isolite System

Cornelia Dental is excited to offer the Isolite System, a revolutionary device is designed to make your dental visit easier for both you and the dentist.

This innovative technology:

  • Makes your visit more comfortable
  • Reduces your time in the dental chair.

The soft flexible mouthpiece protects your tongue and check while allowing you to relax your jaw and close down comfortably during the procedure, relieving the tension of keeping your mouth open. With the Isolite system gently and continuously suctions away water and loose particles and the bright LED light source illuminating the area, your dentist will be able to work more quickly and efficiently – getting you out of the dental chair and back to your life. No one loves to have dental work done, but we believe you’ll love the comfort and convenience of Isolite just as much as we do.

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